Graham Knight and Neil Hunter, the owners of Knights Computers have announced that they are to close their shop in Rosemount.

Graham Knight said, “I will be 70 in a few weeks and time is catching up with me. Neil has been my business partner for over 30 years and we have worked very long hours and given our customers a very personal service. I can’t be in the shop every day for the next twenty years. After much thought, Neil has decided not to carry on the business. We have therefore sold the shop and will be starting our closing down sale next week. Our customers can still contact us on-line at or at

Graham continued, “When my father and grandfather started the business we sold radios, there was no TV then, TV sales started in 1953. Over the years we always kept up with the latest in electronic trends and Knights was the first shop in Aberdeen to sell computers back in 1976.”

Neil Hunter takes up the story and says, “We were quickly acknowledged as computer experts and often travelled to Japan, selling the software we created here in Aberdeen to huge companies like Sharp, Sanyo, Sony, Mitsubishi and Toshiba. These Japanese companies liked dealing with a small family firm and they in turn sold our products all over the World. I am particularly proud that in the eighties, Graham and I designed a computer chip for Sharp that was incorporated in eight different computer models.”

Graham Knight was keen to emphasise that, “At a time when big firms like Comet have recently gone bust owing millions, Knights are still generating profits. However I have been here every day since I was 12 so it is time to close. My business partner Neil says he is too young to retire but he is first going to take a well deserved holiday.”

Neil said, “We would both like to thank our wonderfully loyal customers for their support over the years. We have supplied everyone from Members of Parliament to doctors, lawyers and no end of families too - we will miss them.”